Direct Numerical Simulation laboratory


For a quick and easy introduction we recommend to new DNSlab users to participate in our seminar at first. In the seminar, which we host once a year, amongst others you have the occasion to experience the DNSlab software with application examples and to try it on your own with a test license. Seminar dates, program and information on the registration can be found in the News >


By default, we offer DNSlab licenses with time limitation on USB flash drives to you, which we send to you by mail. The flash drive must be connected to the computer on which DNSlab should be used. After the license has expired, you send the flash drive back to us, so that we can renew the license if you wish, or refund the deposit for the flash drive. The price for the license depends on the time span, for which the license is valid, and on the degree of parallelization. Academic users who work on public projects get a discount.

Tell us the required extent of use and field of application, we are pleased to prepare an offer for you!