Direct Numerical Simulation laboratory


1Does DNSlab run on a server of the IT for Engineering GmbH or on my computer?
DNSlab runs on your computer.
2Which requirements does my hardware have to meet so that I can use DNSlab?
Generally, DNSlab runs on any hardware, that is on a notebook, on a PC, on a workstation or on a cluster. But the speed of the DNSlab computations depends on the performance of the processor (clock frequency, number of cores, size of the cache memory) and on the speed of the working memory. The size of the 3D models and the precision which can be reached with the simulations depends on the size of the working memory.
3Which hardware is recommended for using DNSlab, and what does ist cost?
We recommend PCs or workstations with one or two Intel processors with 4 - 8 cores each, which are installed on a mainboard with 16 - 128 GB DDR3 or DDR4 memory. Such hardware costs between 1,500 and 10,000 Euro.
4Which requirements does my system configuration have to meet so that I can use DNSlab?
By default, we offer DNSlab for Windows 10 systems with a free USB flash drive slot, where a USB flash drive with the DNSlab license is connected. Other operating and license systems on request.
5Setting up the hard- and software and the DNSlab training are too laborious for me. Do you offer contract work with DNSlab simulations?
Yes we do. Contact us and describe your problem. We will prepare an offer for you.